Sorry I'm Late....

What builds a new collection?
Clothing, Overthinking & Repetition. 
This new collection started this summer, well over 3 months ago.
Colorblind -- The first idea started with attempting to catch a color scheme. Inspired by mid to late 90's, the colors came together. Cobalt, and legion blue started out this collection. Then it was easy to toss in a yellow, "gold" to be exact. Stepping out of a normal "330" comfort zone, bright "heliconia" pink was introduced. Now with the direction of the fundamental colors, the missing parts were able to fill in easily. 
Yo, Mood Board Me -- Then a middle of the night vision came about.  Late 90's romantic comedies started to flash like a highlight reel, "10 Things I Hate About You", "Never Been Kissed", even "American Pie". The collection theme was then based on backdrop of those movies. This collection would be fully inspired by "high school/ early college". Baggy pants, oversized sweatshirts, cropped items, whatever you would throw on when you were running late. The models for this collection wouldn't be in high school, or college and that made it even better. But the location needed to be. 
Consistency Or Overanalyzing  -- With the color scheme, and inspiration now nailed down, sourcing blanks and the quality of the items came next. 330 has moved new collections into garment dyed heavier cotton solid tees, but keeping the staple "acid wash" items. After many sourced clothing mistakes, color errors, and just bad ideas in general, 12-15 items were nailed in. 
Production -- Now with the items penciled in, the direction drew to what would be going on these items? Normally this happens the opposite way. A new collection starts with the current vibe, the new logos, then the colors, theme, etc. This one started backwards, colors, inspiration, location, then clothing. I wouldn't say this was the smartest or easiest route, but when creativity calls, you listen. A mix of new 330 "branded" items needed to be the staple, but the pop culture trends needed to be included. 
Does This Logo Work? -- After many random logo ideas, Instagram polls, and scrapped ideas. A direction was formed. 330Designs is a clothing company but more than that, a brand, The Brand. Whether it's the song lyric tees, or the acid wash items, the brand has a lane. Once the 330 "branding" logos came into play the next inspiration came from vintage club shirts from Etsy, EBay, etc. Why not a 330 Social Club? But would people all over know or care to buy a 330 club shirt?. This is where the inspiration for The Weekenders Club, and The Better Together Club came. A weekender is someone who spends all week working just to get outside for the weekend, same tbh. And the Better Together Club is for those who have no problem being on their own but enjoy life better together, moving as one. Life is all about the people you surround yourself with.
Because Location Matters-- Scouting the location was easier said than done. The idea of the 90's movies meant the location for the shoot had to be in a school, not renovated, true to the time. Picture empty classrooms, metal lockers, brick and cinderblock walls. Nothing like the new all glass/modern 2022 schools. Not an easy task. After several emails, and possibly trying to sneak into a school, the perfect location came about.  Keeping it local -- the building for shooting the collection was in the perfect area, and perfect aesthetic. 
330Model Call, Don't Forget The Props -- The idea for shooting the collection was to have a group of friends, late to class, not really caring about anything but each other. A Walkman, skateboard, school newsletter, and a few notebooks, all came with. Even the use of tobacco -- it was just a prop, don't tell my mom.
That'll Do It -- Designing, producing, cataloging, and building a treatment for an entire brand collection can be extremely overwhelming. With the countless hours of overthinking, trashing ideas, and feeling zero creativity, something great always happens. This collection, or any collection wouldn't be able to be done without support from the locals aka models, photographer, and support in general.
Owning, operating, and designing an entire brand is not always the easiest path, but the one worth taking. Anyone, at anytime, can do whatever they want.
 Never too late.
Here's to another collection, let us hope, many many more.
With Love, The Owner